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How many blog posts do you do a day? I know that some people do as many as 10, and others do as little as 1. So what do you think is a good number to go by? When deciding how many posts you want to do every day, you should probably be thinking about how much time and effort you’re willing to put into each post. If you do too many posts, your post will likely be sloppy and thrown together. For this, you lose loyal readers. If you do too little posts, you’ll never be found on google. For this, you’ll never gain any readers. It’s probably killing you as much as it does me when deciding how many posts to do daily. How many posts do you think bloggers should be doing every day?

Quantity over Quality

Now is when you truly have some choices to make. Having quantity over quality is a positive when it comes to search engines. The more you post, the more frequently you will be found. However, we also should know that the more you post, and the more these posts are just thrown together, the more you’ll lose your readership.

Quality over Quantity

Having quality override quantity is another no no. Sure, you’re keeping your readers. On the other hand though, you’re probably not getting any traffic to your site because you’re not doing enough posts every day. Thus, you probably have very little readers anyway.

Balancing quality and quantity for daily posts.

If you can learn to balance the quality of your posts, with the amount of posts that you do everyday, you will likely be a successful and less stressed out Blogger. I personally do 1-2 posts a day on this blog. That’s ok, but I would really like to keep it at 2 posts a day as this would up my chances at being found on google more often. How many posts a day do you think is a good idea? For beginners? For professionals? For hardcore bloggers? Is there a certain number to go by? Leave your comments and vote on the poll on the right side of my site, left navigation.

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