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keyword research
Key word research is a major part of search engine optimization. If you’re not being found on google then you’re probably not doing any key word research. To start off, you’re probably thinking to yourself, this guy is an idiot, he doesn’t even know how to spell ‘key word.’ But trust me, I do know how to spell ‘keyword.’ I am spelling ‘key word’ the way I do, for a certain reason.

Key words misspellings – alternates

I have to be honest with you, it’s not every day that I write a post with a million misspelled words just to get extra views. But at the same time, if it works, then why not? When researching key words, you want to think about misspellings and alternate words that mean the same thing. Most of the time you just want to stick to alternates though. Unless, you’re trying to look really stupid by having a word misspelled on your page a billion times.

When researching alternate words, you want to think about complete opposites. For example. Let us say that there is a post about Miley Cyrus and how she took a picture of herself in a bra. We get on google and type in ‘Miley Cyrus Bra.’ What happens? A million results show up. However, we then think, Miley Cyrus is also Hannah Montana. People know her better by Hannah Montana. Let’s type in ‘Hannah Montana bra’ in google and see if anything appears. Lone behold, the results are cut into just a few sites that have used these key words. With this being said, you will be more likely to be found because of a simple alternate key word you chose to use.

Free key word researching programs.

If you are having trouble coming up with some key words, then I am going to do you all a solid. This is a little trick that bloggers generally keep to themselves, but let me hook the lucky ones who actually read this article up.

1) Ubersuggest– Check this program out. Slowly type in your key words one by one. Don’t hit enter. Google suggest will show key words under your search box in order from most to least searched. To top it off, the number on the right is how many websites have used that phrase in their title tags. So, just by that, you are learning how difficult it is to rank for your key words.

2) Google Keywords – Another great program is google key words. Not only does it help in key word research like google suggest, but it also tells you how often the key words you’re going to used are searched for every month. It’s a recommended tool for sure.

Utilizing tools for keyword research

I hope this article helped you all out. Key word research is not the funnest thing in the world, but trust me, it can be the difference between making 10 bucks a day, and 100 bucks a day. This is a no joke matter. Use key words as an advantage over your competitors. Don’t make it be your handicap.


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