Successful Income with just One Blog?

Successful Income with just One Blog
I was reading an interesting post over at Blogger Noob today titled, Getting rich by making $5 a day. The post was well written, but it mainly consisted of basic knowledge – common sense. The idea of the article states that if you make 5 dollars a day on one blog and make 19 other blogs that make 5 dollars a day also, then you will be making 100 dollars a day. (20 blogs multiplied by 5 dollars a blog equals 100 dollars a day.) This will only hold true long as you update each and every blog at least once a day that is. It sounds pretty simple, but is it as simple as it actually sounds?

Blogging and Success. An overused phrase.

I recently wrote article about how you need to Set Blogging Goals for Success. Setting blogging goals for success was written for the intention of motivating and organizing bloggers around the world. Not only that, it was made to make one clear point. Blogging is no get rich quick and easy scheme.

To be a successful blogger you must…

Many people get the idea that that they can be a successful blogger, and bring in a generous amount of income by only writing one post a day, and leaving it at that. No offense, but if you think like this, you’re already way behind the current generation.

Not only do you have to write a post everyday to be a successful blogger, you also have to

  • Promote your blog or site.
  • Network with others in your niche.
  • Gain quality back links.
  • Add new features.
  • Join contests.
  • Submit your site to directories.
  • Gain readers.
    • Gain respect of your readers.

And the list goes on and on. Sure, you could be making 100 dollars a day with 20 different blogs, but why, when you could work really hard on one, two, or three blogs and actually provide true, high quality, well processed content?

Blogger Noob. I love your site. But your trick sounds like a way to attempt to make money by throwing up cruddy content on a million different cruddy sites. No offense.


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