Top 10 Items, things, ideas blogs need for Success.

Top 10 Items, things, ideas blogs need for Success
What do you think a blogger needs to know to be successful? For the past 7 months I have been studying blogging and professional blogs around the world. The list before you has been compiled over these last 7 months and it’s my belief, that if you check off every item on the list in front of you, you will be a successful blogger and gain respect for that, from viewers and readers around the world.


10 ) Traffic – One of the major things that a blog needs for success is traffic. If your blog doesn’t have traffic, then you may as well go and apologize to your ex-boss and get your day job back.

9 ) Quality back links – One easy way to get traffic is by getting back links to your website. Not only will these valuable links bring traffic, but if you get enough of them, you will see a boost in your page rank.

  • A great way to get back links is by scratching another blogger’s back. If you do good for them, then they will likely do good for you. You can also participate in forums and submit your blog to directories to get high quality back links and some extra traffic.

8 ) Miscellaneous Items – All blogs better have a back to home button on every page. They also must have an about, subscribe, and contact page. Also be sure that there is a way to reach your archived posts. You don’t need label clouds nor do you need a blog roll, but they do help.

  • You can look at my blog. It checks off all the above items. All professional blogs have these items and if you don’t have them, your greatly missing out.

7 ) A creative website banner – You could be the best writer in the world, but if your banner looks like garbage, a lot of people will just bounce right out of your site.

  • To create a nice banner use Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro. If you don’t like these programs or you don’t know how to use them then pay some dude with a nice banner 20 dollars to make yours. For goodness sake though, I am sick of the garbage, piece of crud, sloppily put together, banners. If you have a horrible banner, then most people who visit your site will also think your content is also horrible.

6 ) In content impressions – On the other end, you could have the nicest banner in the world, but if your content is all scrunched together nobody will care to read it.

  • If you add line-heights and padding around images and ads, then things will be a lot easier on your reader’s eyes.

5 ) A post a day – Do you really want to be a successful blogger and engage your readers? In order for this task to be accomplished, you have to consistently post at least one article a day.

  • Consistently posting an article a day will tell your readers that you’re a serious blogger. Just make sure that these posts are also well thought out and not just thrown together like this morning’s outfit. Note that you can make a Successful Income with just one blog!

4 ) Contests, Features, and Change – Sites will often get very boring if it’s always the same thing. Mix it up.

  • For me, I have added the Hall of Blogging Tips to my site. It’s a little feature that I created to help in link exchanges. I will later be having some contests to spice things up. You can do this too. Offer 500 Entrecard Credits for a random subscriber or your most loyal viewer. Holding contests is a very easy way to gain back links, viewers, subscribers, and respect.

3 ) In website SEO – You can do all of the above things, but if your only source of traffic is Entrecard, then you have a lot of work to do.

  • The title of your post should match with the web address, the name of your image, and the alternate text of your image. Your image should link to the post that it is in. You should also be sure to make Correct use of heading tags and title tags if you want to be successfully found via search engines.

2 ) Communication – Are you ignoring those precious emails and or comments where the reader is asking you how or why? You my friend, just lost a loyal reader.

  • Any questions that anybody puts on your site means that they are actually interested in what you had to say. Unless, they’re just trying to get a back link. Ugh… Show all comments and the readers who post them respect and courtesy by answering any questions that they may have.

The Number 1 tool for blogging success

1 ) A Community + Respect – If you’re missing out in this area, which most of you are, you’re missing out on your most valuable form of everything. It’s not always what you know, it’s who you know. Think about it. If I got some guy with a page rank of 10 to link to me, that basically gives me the best credibility and respect that I can possibly receive.

  • To build a community, read other blogs in your niche. Post constructive and informative comments after every article you read. If available, post a back link to your website. Continue to read other blogs and gain the creators respect. You will not only make a good friend and gain new ideas, but from a business standpoint, you will gain the respect of others. If your blog has a community of readers that like to discuss your articles, then my friends, you have gained their respect and you will be successful.

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